• Gemma Cockburn

Solutions to your dental problems

Many of us are facing problems we didn’t previously encounter or anticipate

Our problem

One of the main problems we are having to tackle is that we can’t see our patients face to face at the moment for assessments or treatment.

Our Solutions

  1. We provide an emergency access phone number to our patients and their friends and family 7 days a week

  2. We offer face to face virtual consultations via a range of services…expert advice, WhatsApp and Zoom, to suit you

  3. Once we’ve spoken to you we can offer a safe free of charge collection service for temporary filling materials, desensitising gels and antibiotics. You can access this via our triage emergency help line. If you are unable to come to us we can deliver to you.

  4. We are still working our way though a daily patient list; calls to check in with older vulnerable patients, follow up calls to patients who’ve received emergency advice and patients who are due for examinations now

  5. Ensuring the practice is maintained, stocked and ready to go when we reopen. We will be prioritising people people with problems and will get to you all as soon as we can

The number you need is 07415 917931

Alternatively you can contact us via expert advice under Chapel Street Dental if you just need an opinion on something

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