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Its National Get Over It Day and we love it!

Check out our list of things to get over today....

Theres a national day for everything now isn't there?

But we love this one, here are some of our suggestions....

  1. Bad hair day, rock it

  2. Haven't flossed like you should have and you have a dentist appointment today. Then floss like a boss, hold your head up high and try again to build this habit. Maybe sit down and floss whilst you watch some try not to laugh videos in your bathroom

  3. Its snowing and you can't get to work, enjoy a mini lockdown day, paint, sleigh. sleep have fun! The world will keep spinning

  4. Your teeth don't look perfect and you don't want to smile. Easier said that done but, try to smile, everyone looks better when they do and we often find patients who tell us they have "bad teeth" actually have a lovely smile that can be improved with some simple and gentle tweeks

  5. Your team told you if you didn't start writing blogs for the practice again (specifically 3) you'd have to do karaoke at the team meeting today and now you are late for your meeting having suddenly found your inner blogger....

We hope you all find a reason to smile today :)

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