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What's happening at Chapel Street after 19th July?

Here is our update on what will happen when the lockdown restrictions are lifted on Monday 19th July. There is a lot of confusion at the moment and we hope the below update will reassure you all.

The government stance is that the wearing of face masks after the 19th will be "encouraged" but not mandatory, its still a little confusing isn't it! I mean, I "encourage" my patients to floss but as some know, it isn't mandatory, it comes down to a personal decision!

Luckily, we can give you crystal clear advice about your visit to Chapel Street....

What we will be doing?

Our advisory body, the British Dental Association is advising that we keep current measures in place after the 19th July. We will continue to take steps to protect you and our staff from Covid-19 infection.

We will be asking both patients and staff to:

  1. Wear face masks onsite (apart from exempt patients)

  2. Sanitise their hands

  3. Adhere to social distancing measures

We will continue to:

  1. Wear the highest standard of PPE

  2. Space appointments out to allow for thorough cleaning in-between patients

  3. Operate a locked door, appointment only policy

  4. Ask patients to book appointments by email or phone

This policy will remain in place to aid social distancing measures and avoid over-crowding within the practice. To make an appointment please email or call 01939 232864

Why we are keeping current infection control measures in place?

Aside from the advice from our advisory body, all of us at Chapel Street want to do everything we can to protect our patients and staff from possible infection and self-isolation. This in turn will help avoid appointment cancellations and practice closures due to staff shortages.

Our staff are more vulnerable due to the nature of our work, working very closely with members of the public. We believe that people can choose to go to the pub or not, but some of our more vulnerable patients need to see us and we want to continue to make Chapel Street a safe place to visit.

Everyone at Chapel street sincerely hopes you and your families are well. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any queries or feedback you have. Thank you to all our lovely patients who have been so respectful to our staff over the past year, we appreciate your patience and support.

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