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We’ve helped 100 patients

Updated: May 26, 2020

It being VE Day on Friday, us guys at Chapel Street are in a celebratory mood.

It would of been wonderful to hold a VE party in the garden, but never mind we will all have to hang our bunting up at home!

100 patients helped

It’s been 7 weeks since the practice closed its doors due to COVID19. Since then we’ve provided free of charge emergency dental care and advice to over 100 people. Our patients and their friends and family…7 days a week.

We are working very hard on updating our procedures and gathering supplies for when we can reopen to ensure the practice is a safe and comfortable place for you to have the dental care that you need.

Remember we are virtually open

  1. Open and available to give advice, antibiotics, emergency dental kits and triage patients to the local emergency dental clinic (which is provided face to face treatment only in the most extreme circumstances). The number you need is 07415 917931

  2. Holding a socially distanced garden clinic by appointment only.

  3. Providing the above free of charge,  7 days a week to our own patients…and extending this offer to their friends, colleagues and families at this time.

  4. Providing free of charge virtual dental check-ups in addition to your normal check-up appointments when we reopen

A member of our team may contact you shortly if you are due for your check-up, to offer you the option of a virtual consultation with a dentist. However, please feel free to email to arrange a virtual check-up sooner if you need to.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the many brave NHS frontline workers and volunteers at this time.

Help us help them by reducing the load on the 111, A & E and local pharmacy services and call us instead.

Please share this post and help us to help them.

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