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Re-building Chapel Street Dental post-COVID-19

Updated: May 26, 2020

Ah a bank holiday! Bliss

An extra day, a bit of breathing space. No home schooling today, just the odd ring from the oncall phone and a clear desk.

I’m spending the first half of this bank holiday Friday enjoying some peace in my new office (aka the kids bedroom, I was going stir crazy in the real office!). I will be gathering my thoughts on our plans to reshape our dental services post COVID-19.

I am very lucky to be enjoying the second half of today with my lovely family. We will be remembering those who fought to give us the freedoms we now enjoy and also being grateful for what we have.

This week I have secured a large order of high quality PPE for the practice in preparation for reopening. Although we haven’t been given exact guidelines yet,  I am planning on providing the top level of PPE for our staff for the first month of opening after lockdown regardless.

Now my attention moves to..

What services can be provided? How we can we best deliver these services to our patients in a post COVID environment?

There is a lot to consider but I will start with our philosophy..

“To provide dental care, in order of priority, in the safest environment and to ensure the mental wellbeing of our patients and staff at all times.”

In month one as a patient you can expect…

  1. To be treated by staff wearing the highest level of available PPE

  2. You will be only patient present in your dedicated part of the surgery building, for the entirety of your visit

  3. Patients in pain, who have a problem or are an existing plan member, will be prioritised.

There will likely be a limited number of slots available in the first month of us reopening

This is in order for us to work safely, and in an environment that protects mental welling of staff and patients.

We will be in touch with you shortly to let you know how you can access one of these slots.

Our emergency Oncall service is currently FOC to all patients, their friends and family members 7 days a week including this bank holiday weekend

The number you need is: 07415 917931

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