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Kids dental treatment is free! Starting well Smile4Life

We are proud to now be an official Child Friendly Practice!

Did you know we can see your children for free on the NHS? We have recently increased our number of NHS spaces available to children.

If you would like us to register your child please get in touch 01939 232 864 or email

Did you know?

Current recommendations are to bring your child from 6 months. Studies show attendance to a dentist from an early age, significantly improves oral health throughout a child's life.

For 18 months we have run an additional child only clinic on a Saturday which has been a huge success. Feedback from parents has been how great it is to be able to bring the kids without taking them out of school.

We are now accepting referrals from community dental services in the area for children struggling to access dental care

A Smile4life Initiative

Sometime ago NHS England launched Starting Well: A Smile4Life Initiative. This programme of dental practice-based initiatives aims to reduce oral health inequalities and improve oral health in children under the age of five years.

The programme will be available to all children, with a focus on those who are not currently visiting the dentist and under one-year-olds. It will ensure that evidence-based preventive advice about reducing sugar intake and increasing the exposure to fluoride on teeth is given to parents of these children.

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