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Freedom, we can taste it!

Are you enjoying the odd little pleasure as we ease back to freedom? A meal in a pub with friends, a little shopping trip perhaps? a wedding? Even the peace of mind a trip to the dentist brings?

We've enjoyed listening to all our patients' little adventures over the past few weeks.

Some patients are asking why haven't things gone "back to normal now". Why can't they wait in a waiting room? or go and pay at reception ?

Looking after the vulnerable

Whereas some people are now confident to go to the pub or out to the shops to browse for a dress, some of our patients are still very vulnerable. Seeing the dentist is an essential thing, and for some people it's been the first step back out into the world. We respect this.

It's now safer and more cost effective to see us. We've pretty much eliminated waiting times and cut the cost of many patients dental bills by working in a slower placed, cleaner more efficient practice. Our dental plan members enjoy a further 20% of the cost of their dental treatment. Details of our dental plan can be found here on our website.

Teeth for life

The dentists Gemma and Sarah can help you with any problems or concerns and help you to prevent problems in the future so that you can keep your teeth for life and limit the dental visits you need.

Helping you to feel confident

We've noticed requests for cosmetic treatment are increasing. People are reflecting on whats important to them as they prepare to remove their masks. A beautiful clean smile and the confidence it brings, is a magical thing to see.

If we can help you at all please call 01939 232864 or email

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