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Free book giveaway! We support National Stop Smoking Day!

No Smoking Day is not just about quitting for the day… it is also about thinking more about a positive smokefree future.

Keep reading for the chance to win a free book that might just give you the key you need to quit!

You can do it

Quitting smoking doesn’t have to feel painful – stop smoking aids can really help.

Quitting isn’t always easy but getting the right stop smoking aids and support can

stop you feeling like you need a cigarette all the time.

Today is the Day

To put smoking behind you. Smokers who quit for 6 weeks or more

are happier and experience less anxiety and depression than those who carry on


A chance to be happier

Research shows that people who have quit smoking for a year are happier than

those who continue to smoke.

Free book giveaway

We recommend The Craving Mind, in which author Judson Brewer discusses the addiction habit loop of trigger, behaviour, reward and gives practical, ground breaking advice on how to simply yet successfully stop addictive behaviours such as smoking.

It's not just for smokers, we speak to patients daily who are addicted to sugar, food, working...the list is endless.

Is it an addiction? "Continued use despite adverse effects"? then, YES!

We are giving away a free copy of "The Craving Mind" book to the first patient to reply "I will be Smoke free" to

Good luck everyone, we are here to support you in your general health as well as your dental health. Call 01939 232864 (you may need to leave a message) or email Check out our website for details of our services and dental plan which costs just £7 a month

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