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Doing things well...

Adapting, responding and caring. Care of our patients and staff is at the heart of everything we do at Chapel Street.

Six weeks into reopening I can stand back and feel proud of my team and the effort they are putting in to the changes we have made together.

Our new working patterns have uncovered hidden gold...

  • Our patients are getting more of our time, an improved bespoke experience

  • We are spending more time with our families and friends

  • Everything has slowed down, become more organised

We are able to take the time to seek patient feedback for each visit.

"The patient said it was the most pleasant dental experience she'd had, she didn't feel rushed, she was reassured by the amount of precautions the practice is taking, and really appreciated everything Gemma and Amy were able to do within her appointment time"

-Claudia, dental nurse at Chapel Street

As we continue to move forward through these times as a country, as local businesses and families, we are all choosing the "new" experiences we want to carry forwards. What are you carrying forwards?

If you have any dental needs at the moment please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Join our membership plan, our plan members enjoy a 20% discount on fees for just £7 a month. Our childrens membership plan includes 2 visits a year and costs just £4 a month.

Email or Call 07415 917 931

Carding Mill Valley evening walk (and swim!) 20/07/20

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