• Gemma Cockburn

The 6th week of lock down

Continuing changes

For me and for the practice this week, things have been different again. Non of the six weeks have been the same so far

Every week my routine has to change and adapt. This week I’ve been managing:

  1. My husbands (new) alternating work shift pattern

  2. An large increase in the number of patients requiring calls and virtual consultations

  3. Home schooling

  4. Continued change to work times, mealtimes, exercise times

  5. With help of my manager Sakina, supporting our furloughed team members as much as we can

What are our patients up to?

Talking to our patients, lock down has affected everyone in different ways. Some folk are “enjoying it” getting to spend more time with their families, taking up long lost hobbies etc. Whereas some of our elderly patients who live alone, are really getting fed up now.

I’m getting a bit fed up with…talking about lock down, having to adapt to the constant change in routine, home schooling (though I don’t like to admit it!) and not being able to see and treat my patients.

So on bad days I have to remind myself…

  1. This will pass, the priority at the moment is to keep ourselves and our patients safe and well. Avoiding face to face contact is the best way to do that

  2. I have support around me if I need help, I just need to ask for it

  3. Some good is coming of this, we’ve had more time to just talk to patients and lend a sympathetic ear to those who need it.

We are working on some very exciting developments for the practice. When we return we will be safer and more efficient than ever before. We strongly believe that the people of Wem deserve the very best dental service, one that is at the forefront of care and technology.

A reminder, what you need to know as our patients..

  1. Still closed for face to face appointments.

  2. Open and available to give advice, antibiotics, emergency dental kits and triage patients to the local emergency dental clinic (which is provided face to face treatment only in the most extreme circumstances). The number you need is 07415 917931

  3. Holding a socially distanced garden clinic by appointment only.

  4. Providing the above free of charge,  7 days a week to our own patients…and extending this offer to their friends, colleagues and families at this time.

  5. Providing free of charge virtual dental check-ups in addition to your normal check-up appointments when we reopen

A member of our team may contact you shortly if you are due for your check-up, to offer you the option of a virtual consultation with a dentist. However, please feel free to email to arrange a virtual check-up sooner if you need to.

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