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Remember this will all pass, coronavirus

It difficult to know what its best to write about at the moment. What would be most helpful?

I think the two things that are overwhelming the majority of people are:

  1. Not knowing what will happen

  2. The shear scale of the situation

I’ve been very lucky that so far, I’m sure all our thoughts are with the people who have lost loved ones.


Working at the practice at the moment, I’m in the unique position of providing an essential service to the public at a time of global pandemic.

Yesterday wasn’t what I expected to be honest. Why?

Well, talking to the many patients I saw, they were all quite calm.

Briefing my team first thing and working with them throughout the day, they were all quite calm

I realised that if we can stay calm and carry on (whilst acting on appropriate advice). Infact, we have to. The fact we have means we are a safe place for our patients.

A fellow dental colleague put this quote out there yesterday…

I’ve heard it many times but I think it’s what we all need to hear right now

6 things you can do to stay calm if you feel overwhelmed

  1. Listen to Tim Ferris’s latest podcast, an interview with Jack Kornfield. This is something I’m going to be reading every day

  2. Read “How to stop worrying and start living” by Dale Carnegie. It’s very old fashioned having been publishes in 1948 but the advice in it is timeless and very practical.

  3. My business coach advised me…grab a piece of paper and draw a dividing line down the middle. Then to list the best case scenario and worst case scenarios for my business and at home. Then to make plans, then to carry them out. This is very calming.

  4. Accept that nothing ever stays the same, the situation will change and you’ll need to review your plans.

  5. Don’t bury your head in the sand, face this. However this is affecting you.

  6. Help others, this isn’t a time to be selfish. Make one small gesture a day. Accept that although times are tough, this is also an opportunity to step up and see the best in yourself and others.

Remember this will not last forever, it will pass and we will get through this.

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