• Gemma Cockburn

Looking forward…

Looking forward

Thats what everyone’s trying do isn’t it?

Looking forward for solutions

Looking forward to things going back to some kind of normality

A different type of looking forward

As you look forward, be positive.

I’ve been thinking about..

  1. How amazing its going to be when we can reopen and see all our patients again. To catch up properly and to help people having problems.

  2. How lovely it will be to sit in a restaurant with my friends and family again

  3. How great it will be to walk the dog more than once a day!

Looking forward to help you NOW

If we look forward in the right way it will give us hope, something to focus on, something useful to do

Right now I’m looking forward to the weekend and a little bit of rest!

What are you looking forward to?

(Remember we are available to you and your friends and family if you need dental advice 07415 917931 7 days a week)

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