• Gemma Cockburn

How our team will get through this

Later today we will hold our first staying in touch meeting with the our team online

The team have already managed to stay in contact. We’ve been sharing our concerns, our wins, our ideas and had a few good laughs along the way.

Everyone has had a big wake up call

So what have we learnt about our practice?

We are lucky

To be part of an incredible community. Our strong relationships with our patients and suppliers have shone through

We can adapt

We are working on exciting and better ways of delivering dental care.

For many businesses there are a lot of unknowns. But, there are also a few certainties…

Those who’ve worked hard and cared about their clients, will see loyalty

Those who’ve treated their teams well, will have a supportive team willing to go the extra mile

Those who are brave enough to think outside the box, will succeed as we proceed into a world of unknowns

If you need to get in touch…

We are still here. Email Phone 07415917931 if you have a dental emergency or just wish to get in touch about anything

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