• Gemma Cockburn

Help us to help, patients without a dentist

A worrying trend

As each week passes and the number of enquiries regarding emergency dental care rises, I am noticing a worrying trend.

There are a significant number of people trying to access dental care that are being left in pain whilst being pushed from pillar to post. Why? They don’t have a registered dentist.

Those who were registered with a dentist before all of this are generally ok.

But if you weren’t registered with a dentist before all of this? Well, a lot of people are in for a rough ride. A lot of dentists can only take care of their registered patients. “No room at the Inn” so to speak.

..and so a large number of people are left suffering

The sad thing is this doesn’t have to be the case. All these people need is to be able to contact a dentist that will help them. We’ve helped as many as we can over the past 6 weeks.

One lady we helped this week had been trying for over a week to access dental care as she had a severe dental infection. She hadn’t registered with a dentist because she is terrified on them, having had a bad experience previously. We got her the emergency care she needed and advised her to register with a dentist as soon as she could (she actually lives over 30 miles away from our practice!)

The best way we can help right now

Most dentists including myself and Sarah have volunteered for redeployment. However so far, very few dentists have been.

If you know someone who doesn’t have a dentist and needs emergency dental care please help them and give them our emergency number 07415 917931. All emergency care is being provided free of charge during this period as our way of doing “our bit” to help.

Please don’t be embarrassed if you’ve avoided the dentist because you are nervous or for financial reasons. Nobody deserves to be left in pain and we are happy to help.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the many brave NHS frontline workers and volunteers at this time.

Help us help them by reducing the load on the 111, A & E and local pharmacy services.

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