• Gemma Cockburn

Don’t want to bother us? Please get in touch!

If you have a dental problem no matter how small then get in touch sooner rather than later

I am continuing to speak to our patients daily and recently we’ve had a number of queries filtering through…

“Its nothing major but…”

“My gums have started to bleed”

“I’m starting to get bad breath”

“My teeth have become very sensitive”

People keep apologising for calling me!! We are not too busy. You are not “bothering us”. Remember this is our job. Please call if you have a problem no matter how small. Often we can help you stop a small problem turning into a bigger one.

If you are an existing patient or if you don’t have a dentist and need one then please given us a call.

We’ve registered several new patients over this period. I’ve been able to sit and chat together with our new and existing patients (in the comfort of our own homes!) about…

Getting emergency dental advice and care

What they can do to prevent existing problems deteriorate in this time

How they would like their smile to look and what their options are

Nervous patients

I’ve found this particularly useful with nervous patients who’ve been avoiding dentists for years. There something about meeting the person who is going to be your dentist before even entering the practice that seems to put a lot of people at ease. Whatever your concern is please don’t be embarrassed, we love helping nervous patients get the smile confidence they deserve.

So remember look after yourselves and your teeth. We are still here for you and your friends, colleagues and families.

Just pick up the phone and call us 07415 917931 7 days a week. Or if you prefer

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