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Do you need any help from us?

The new normality

Over the past week as we continue to settle down into our new normality,  I have had more time available to speak to our patients.

This situation is unique and wherever that is the case we all get to have experiences that we wouldn’t have otherwise had.

I hope for you all, that you have managed to have some experiences that are positive.

The patients I have spoken to are coping very well, the general things I’m hearing are…

  1. That they’ve adapted well in a short space of time

  2. That they are making the most of the time they’ve got to pursue long lost loves (hobbies not people)

  3. They are positive about being able to manage until this passes

My positive experiences

Speaking to my patients has been one of my own positive experiences this week.

It’s made me realise how much I value human contact. I actually miss my patients, and instead of feeling sad about it, its made me realise how privileged I am

We absolutely can not wait to get back to looking after you all as soon as we can. At the moment no-one knows when that will be, but it will come.

Do you know anyone we can help?

We are taking care to call the group of patients who may slip through the net. Those who aren’t on the internet and don’t have emails to receive these updates.

Just last week we helped an elderly gentleman living on his own, referred to us by his carer. We are happy to help everyone so please send people our way if you think we can help. All services are being offered free of charge at this time.

So as we enter a further period of lock down please contact us if you need ANYTHING, even if its just an ear to bend for a chat over coffee, a temporary filling kit or a loo roll.

Our emergency dental clinic

I’m in Wem at our socially distanced garden clinic throughout the week giving out free of charge emergency dental packs (by appointment only)

Our helpline 07415 917931 is open 7 days a week for you and anyone you know who is struggling to access urgent dental care, but you can call about anything you like if you need to. Alternatively you can email

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