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Breaking news -urgent advice to ALL patients

The Chief Dental officer in England has just updated dentists regarding the provision of emergency dental care during this lock down period

What you need to know..

There is very limited provision for face to face emergency dental treatment in Shropshire at the moment

Designated emergency sites are in the process of being set up, it is likely theses clinics may become available from 30th March. You will only be able to access these services via your own registered dentist

I am available for emergency advice regarding painkillers and provision of antibiotics if required for registered patients via phone 07415 917931 and via email from 9-4pm daily on weekdays. Please get in touch out of hours if you need to and I will help you as much as I can

What you need to do..

As the provision of dental care during this time is severely limited please

  1. Do not eat very hard crunchy or chewy foods, especially if you have a history of fracturing teeth or have had lots of dentistry in the past

  2. If you have a mouthguard for tooth grinding WEAR IT!!

  3. If a denture or other appliance is rubbing your mouth it may be better to stop wearing it to reduce the risk of trauma and infection

  4. Contact your dentist for verbal advice if you have a problem as soon as you can

  5. Clean your teeth religiously twice daily, don’t rinse the toothpaste off your teeth and use your usual cleaning aids for between your teeth.

  6. See the advice on this website for managing toothache/problems at home under latest news

I invite suggestions from the public and other dentists on this page please

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