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Looking after your teeth, we are open and a safe place to be

Has it been a while since you've seen us? At such a turbulent time we want to reassure you that we are a safe place to be.

We will only see you if it is required to secure and maintain your dental health...and yes, this includes dental checkups and for some patients hygiene visits.

The importance of your dental checkup

Following 10 weeks of closure we started seeing patients again in June 2020. Over the past 7 months we have treated emergencies but thats not just what we are here for. Some of our most important work is done during your dental examination, we will...

  • Check your teeth for cavities

  • Perform a mouth cancer screening

  • For most patients following the department of health guidelines we apply a fluoride gel designed to prevent you getting further cavities (or any if you are lucky!)

  • Check for signs of tooth wear, grinding habits (important at these stressful times)

We have; spotted cavities in time to avoid tooth extraction, referred patients on for cancer investigations, provided mouthguard to prevent those with increased stress levels from breaking teeth and prevented deterioration by removing plaque deposits causing gum disease.

If you are in a vulnerable group at this time you can arrange for a member of the team to get in touch with you remotely via a phone call. We are able to provide advice and if necessary antibiotics and emergency dental kits for use at home.

Did you know?

  • Our plan members pay just £61.60 for their dental check up and this includes dental x-rays (if necessary)

  • If you attend as an emergency patient we will endeavour to do your full dental examination at the same time if possible, meaning one onsite visit

  • Many patients have all the necessary checks and work done in one visit and don't need to see us again for another 12 months

  • Our hygienist is still available help you take care of your gum health

How are we keeping you safe?

The team have worked hard to put the most stringent measures in place to keep you safe.

When you visit us:

  • The practice is still divided into two zones. You will not cross paths with another patient when you are in the building

  • Staff are wearing the highest standard of PPE for all appointments, a standard we have kept since we reopened in June

  • Public reception and waiting areas are still closed

  • We book buffer times between all appointments as standard, this gives staff the time they need to clean properly and ensure that we see you right on time

Get in touch

If you have a problem or feel concerned that it's been sometime since you've seen us, then don't delay in getting touch.

Please be aware that due an increase in demand and the measures we currently have in place, dealing with each individual patient enquiry is taking longer than usual.

You can help us by marking your query as urgent or non urgent and we thank all our patients for their patience at this time: it helps us if you email rather than phone if you can

01939 232864

Interested in saving money on your dental treatment?

You can join our dental plan for just £7 a month, members of our plan enjoy a 20% discount on private fees. Due to changes in the way we work, we can make more use of your onsite time. An example of how our plan patients are saving at the moment is below.

30 minute emergency appointment broken tooth including examination and x-rays:

Cost now: £172

Cost pre-COVID: £232

Saving: £60

Details of how to join our plan can be found here

Our whole team sends our best wishes out to you and your loved ones at this time. This will pass and we are still here for you.

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