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Looking after your health and wellbeing

It's great to be back. Over the past 3 weeks we've been putting a few smiles back on faces!

I've really realised how much I love my job in the past 3 weeks. It has been so good to be back doing dentistry and although things are very different, the staff and patients have actually been enjoying the whole experience.

Our patients have been grateful of the emergency care. They also have piece of mind when they leave us, as we are providing full examination and hygiene care at the same visits.

Many things have changed and we feel for the better. Our philosophy is to be as safe as possible and responsive to the situation as it continues to ...

  • Each patient is getting a more bespoke experience, being the only patient in their zone

  • With our new pricing scheme most patients have saved money on pre-lockdown fees as we are able to provide better value for each patient at their dedicated visit

  • All our staff are wearing inspirational level PPE at all times enabling us to provide the full range of treatments available at this time

For a lot of people we have been one of the first "outings" since lockdown. We carefully monitor our patient feedback and the overwhelming consensus is that our patients have felt safe and well taken care of.

We're still working our way through emergency care for our at the moment. We are receiving a high number of enquiries regarding routine examinations and hygiene visits and we will be in touch as soon as we can start providing these.

In the meantime if you have a dental problem please contact: or call 07415 917931

If you would like to join our membership scheme and enjoy a 20% discount on our fees, further details can be found on this website you can contact: or call 07847 251432

If you would like a general overview of how healthy your teeth currently are, you can access our virtual examination facility and receive a report from a dentist via this website. Simply follow the "get an expert opinion" link. It takes about 5 minutes to upload your photos and its a fun rainy day activity for the whole family!

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