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Its Friday! Are you worn out or ready to go?

We are open throughout lockdown

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Although we have limited capacity please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need to, our job is to care for you and we will do that whatever the circumstances.

We are so grateful we can stay open during this time. This week we’ve been cleaning, repairing and just generally giving our patients teeth a little TLC. It feels good!

We spend a lot of our time advising patients how to prevent problems in the first place. This has never been more important as access dental appointments across the UK has been reduced significantly in the wake of the pandemic.

One thing that has come up a lot this week is electric tooth brushes. Please make sure:

  1. That your tooth brush isn’t really old, and on its last legs! If it’s over 3 years old invest in a new one. The money you spend on a toothbrush will cut down your future dental bills I promise you!

  2. Be aware the heads won’t look worn out! Often an indicator strip will show you when it’s time to replace the heads or just replace them every 3 months 

  3. If you are struggling financially to do the above get a good new manual toothbrush and use that instead. Better than using a wornout electric toothbrush!

In your next coffee break, instead of reading more doom and gloom on your phone, why not google good brushing techniques and take a bit of time for self care.

Hope you’re all enjoying your teeth this week, smiling (under your mask!) and enjoying the food you want to. If you aren’t then get in touch with us.

01939 232864

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