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Book your overdue dental examination We are now fully open

Happy (next) Monday

We all welcome the lifting of the restrictions on Monday, whether you're a social butterfly who's already filled your diary with social engagements, or a newly formed (and happy) social recluse who will be "taking it slowly".

We are now fully open. Since COVID demand for our services has increased and we have taken the following steps to increase our capacity and look after our patients:

  • New dentist Sarah Smith has joined us 4 days a week

  • Gemma is running a Saturday Clinic exclusively for kids

Keeping you safe

Our new cleaning schedules, remote reception and extended appointment times are here to stay. Patient feedback tells us you guys are much happier with the additional safety measures so we won't be looking back.

We have prioritised staff well being throughout the pandemic. Our unique "slower paced clinics" and wellbeing ethos mean you see fresh faced clinicians and nurses well placed to provide you with the best possible care.

Plan membership fees will not be increased

Good news for our plan members as well, we are not increasing the plan membership fee of £7 per month this year. We want to do everything we can to help you see us regularly.

Our plan members pay just £61.60 for a dental check up and enjoy 20% off treatment fees. To see the full list of benefits check out

Contact us on or call 01939 232864

Book your overdue examination now

Please, do not delay booking you dental examination if you are overdue! Catching things early can reduce the amount of treatment that you need and avoid tooth loss.

We're keeping enhanced cleaning procedures in place despite the restrictions lifting on Monday, we are a very safe place to visit. You will be the only person in the part of the building you are in when you visit us.

We have put extra clinics on to increase our capacity and to keep you safe, we have avoided "speeding things up" and squeezing more patients in.

"I didn't ring because I thought you were too busy"

Along with seeing our own patients this week, we've got a regular sun bathing pigeon our surgery garden who likes to keep an eye on us (come check him out) and we've even had a three legged dog pop in to use the garden facilities this week (as the owner of the most annoying dog in Telford I couldn't really object!).

Demand remains high so please don't delay booking in for your dental examination if you are overdue. We are here to help you look after your oral health and keep your teeth for life.

We apologise if you struggle to get through, the phone lines are extremely busy at peak times. We are working on improving this. Please leave a message if you need to and we will get back to you.

Email or call 01939 232864

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