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We are a small, bespoke independent mixed Private/NHS practice, serving a small number of patients with a highly personalised service.
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Dr Gemma Cockburn

Principal Dentist
BDS MSc (RestDent) MSc (Implantology)

The safety and mental wellbeing of both our staff and patients is at the heart of everything we do at Chapel Street Dental. 



We are a long-established, local practice with over 45 years in business any many patients who have stayed with us throughout their lives. 

Gemma is not only a well-respected dentist and implant surgeon, but also a keen advocate for mental health and wellbeing, author and blogger.


How Chapel Street will work following Covid-19

We will be minimizing the number of onsite visits you require. Initially, this will ensure that each patient is the only patient in that part of the building at all times.

We will be spending longer in-between patients cleaning and putting on and off more extensive PPE (you all know what that means now!). We will not cut corners, all PPE, cleaning procedures and protocols are designed to protect our staff and patients.  As part of our ongoing effort to minimize contact we take all appointment fees over the phone via card payments and reception still remains closed to patients.

This approach will keep everyone super safe, but does slightly reduce our capacity. We will now be only able to see a limited number of patients.

As well as looking after patients, I will look after my team and their mental wellbeing. 

How to join our practice

We are not a strictly members-only practice, however we do encourage all of our patients to become a member of the practice by joining our membership plan.

This involves paying a small monthly subscription fee which supports the provision of your dental care, or a monthly fee that helps spread the costs of your dental care.

Members receive a  discounted rate for appointment charges. Appointments will be given to members as a priority.

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Contact us using the form or details below. We will endeavour to contact you within 24 hours. If you would like to join our membership plan, please contact us on 01939-232864 or email us on

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Our philosophy

Our core values are care, trust and respect. We treat our patients as we ourselves would like to be treated and our team is dedicated to doing the very best for our patients.


Our practice philosophy is centred on wellbeing and providing a calm, re-assuring service to all of our patients. We are passionate about community and ensure that everybody has a chance to contribute to our practice vision.